The correct way to use Youtube is with Queues

An amazing thing happens when you use queues. Suddenly you can cruise through videos without the video currently playing stopping. Most people don’t know about queues, it’s just a little button sitting on every video on youtube. There’s two buttons, watch later and add to queue. Both buttons are useful, wath later will add it to a long term list you can check in on whenever you’re bored.

There’s the button on the top-right

Trust me, it’ll change how you use Youtube, because now you can binge watch videos and not be annoyed by autoplayed irrelevant videos. It also keeps your computer from getting as hot because now you can have a little mini-player video which uses less CPU resources.

When you hover over the button the text ADD TO QUEUE is highlighted.

Howtogeek does a more wordy tutorial on this but there really isn’t any more you need to know.


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