Cool Works is a job board for dirtbag climbers to travel

I know it’s all the rage to be a RN climber because of the great pay and numerous job opportunities. But nursing can be very unpleasant, whether you came for the money+schedule or for altruistic purposes.

Enter CoolWorks for the more adventurous dirtbag climbers. Most work is seasonal, but there’s always jobs, just in different places depending on the season. You can live and work in Yosemite for a season as a maid, guest services, handyman, and there’s even climber jobs! The digital era means you can interview in Texas one day, get the job, and fly out to California next week. Now you’re not a climber bum, you’re a climber hobo!

You can try going up to Utah for some seasonal climbing and putting up lighting on houses for Christmas(this is a real job I saw on there recently, and supposedly it pays well).

There’s also some oddball jobs like IT manager, taking care of dogs in Alaska, working on a cruise, and even working as a ranch hand.

Most CoolWorks jobs are low wage. But how much do you need to earn to want to live+work in Yosemite? The point of CoolWorks, as I see it, is to provide a few months of work in a fun, different place, and hopefully cover your expenses while you do a work+vacay. And when you come to your senses, hopefully you can come back home to your cushy well-paying job.

Plus once you actually go somewhere on a job through CoolWorks you will meet new people and discover more opportunities to travel. If you read through their testimonials you will see that that is what many of them claim happened to them. It kickstarted their wanderlust and helped them from draining every last bitcoin of their savings.

And once you arrive, don’t forget to pop on MountainProject and use Partner Finder to find a rope gun or belay slave!

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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