The differences between a dirty weed high and a clean weed high

If you value your time, the difference is that with one you can get shit done. A stoner with a clean high can stay at home all day fiddling with projects for hours at a time, only taking breaks to eat some weed, smoke some food, drink some air, and breathe some drinks. Did I mention stoners are kislexyd? Er sometimes… it seems to depend on who you ask, because sometimes even really smart people smoke weed, like Carl Sagan or Bob Marley, and other times it’s your dumb friend who’s got the reef under their bed.

The most immediate impact of shwag is headache, dizzy, nauseas, mental heaviness or fatigue, and a sort of mental weakness. Stoners well know this feeling over a lifetime of smoking weed as getting some bad weed is mostly inevitable. Bunk, as it’s sometimes called, comes in different varieties and forms, sometimes it just tasted bad, othertimes it gives you a headache, sometimes it just makes you sleepy and a little fuzzy headed. You don’t want to smoke bunk, but there sure is a lot of it on the market.

A clean weed high, on the other hand, can feel refreshing, invigorating, mentally lifting, warm feeling, and even euphoric. It can pop, like a flower blooming, in your day.

For those without a great weed connection or “hook-up”, the club is always the safer option for reliably smokeable herb. Additionally, stoners will often “kick down” lower quality herb, not realizing that they actually don’t want it.

Dirty weed highs also have the nasty side effect of making weed smoking less tolerable. If all you get is bunk weed, you’re liable to believe all it does is give you a headache. And you’d be right.

In fact, the best weed high comes from a plant containing CBD as well, as that balances the THC, leaving one feeling truly lifted.

How to tell if it’s bad

Bad after taste. Looks funny, degraded, moldy. Even if it just doesn’t look high quality, that’s a bad sign. If it doesn’t smell good it might be bad. You want nugs that are dry not spongy, stems that break easily and cleanly, and they should have a good cure, which improves flavor.

If there are no terpenes at all even when grinding, that’s a problem.

If your one of those guys that gets only top shelf, then it’s probably great weed everytime, but if you’re more the dirtbag type, smoke what you got kinda mentality, don’t be afraid to throw away bad herb because on a long enough timeline you might get fooled into buying dirty weed.

And if you thought strawberries had it bad with pesticides

And even though we’re way past the era of mexican brick weed where your dealer had to use a blender to break it apart. Haha jk, sorta…

Oh and if mexican joker gives you a headache, try inhaling a pot of hot water and some rosemary. That’ll help you feel better.

When buying

Make sure to try before you buy. Don’t be afraid to say no. While smoking it, mock like your tasting it after taking an inhale. Taste it like you might imagine a connoisseur would.

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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