Living the no-fridge lifestyle will teach you to eat better and save money

Whether you’re a hacker or a climber, eating whole foods will make you feel better, maybe save the planet, and save you money

And it’s easier than you think, unless you’re a Mercedes Sprinter kind of dirt bag climber, going no-fridge is a valuable skill. How else can you invisicamp in Yosemite for weeks at a time like old school Yosemite legends? Listen well, fellow climber bum, for this is how you turn into a hardman, needing not the trappings of society.

Do a self-challenge: Turn your fridge off for a week. Skip the ice cream, the fancy cheese, and forget about the sour cream.

Back to the Basics

You need to develop a playlist of meals you can put on rotation. If I can add even one thing to my regular diet, that’s one more thing I can put in rotation, making everything else more interesting. For example, if I have 6 different meals I eat in rotation, finding one more meal means ~17% more variety.

Things that are quick(think, cheap on fuel) to cook on a 2 burner. And, you also need to know which foods tend to last w/o a fridge.

Butter, for example, if kept cool, can last a very long time(don’t let it melt!). When spending weeks on climbing trip vacations, intake of calories is critical, and eating + cooking takes a lot of time and energy. Butter adds flavor and makes bland meals appealing.

Eggs can last quite a while, even if store bought (although farm fresh, never refrigerated, last longer).

Parmesan cheese is a hard cheese that has superior survivability when living the dirtbag crag-dweller lifestyle.

Dry goods last indefinitely, such as popcorn, quinoa, and lentils.


Eggs are versatile. For the first few days, fry them in oil. Then when you’ve got a half dozen left, boil them. Boiling them gives you more time before they go bad.

Boil potatoes. Mash em. Butter em. Spice em. Potatoes are pure energy. Throw in some green onions and broccoli while cooking for flavor and texture.

Popcorn. Heat up oil. Put in kernels. Wait for them to pop. Nutritional yeast goes nicely with popcorn.

Heat up oil in a pan. Fry some garlic. Put in a can of refried beans and put a lid on it. Put some cheese slices on top to melt.

Cook Mac & Cheese. Add butter & spices.

Cook some quinoa. Add butter & spices.

Muesli+honey, good in cold water or hot water. Mix Oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and a pinch of salt.

Apple slices + peanut butter.

Parmesan cheese lasts long outside of a fridge and is great in everything or by itself as a snack.

A nut raisin mix is a perfect anytime snack. Mix golden raisins, walnuts and peanuts.

Pasta. A climber classic. Loads of carbs, just like runners do, for that next day mish.

Dried hummus with carrots. Instantly delicious. Carbs in a powder filled bag.

Lentils. They cook fast and mix well with whatever’s left at the bottom of your food bag.

The late night snack

We need to bring goodies to deal with the late night sweet tooth. Apples + peanut butter does a good job. Chocolate is an option, but uses refined sugar. The nut raisin mix works excellent. Prunes, dates, or dried figs are another great option.

Grocery list

butter, peanuts, raisins, mac n’ cheese, quinoa, white rice (less arsenic), pink lentils, salt & spices, oats, hard cheese, apples, potatoes, popcorn kernels, green onions, broccoli, prunes, coconut or olive oil, refried beans, peanut butter, carrots, dried hummus, pasta


Potatoes. The sweet carb overload that makes you

The nut mix you can chomp on at work

A fried egg gives you substance

avoid sugars, flours, anything refined.

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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