How to correctly set up some music playlists for a massive productivity boost

Pomodoro method is okay. Getting a good breakfast is indeed key. Taking deep breaths when you wake up helps. There are so many productivity hacks I could list, but listening to music is the absolute best and this is because it has synergies:

  • People see you’re working and leave you alone
  • Listening to music gets you in the zone
  • It cuts out ambient background noise
  • When you don’t like a song you can quickly hit “Next” using mac media keys. In this way music provides a much needed minor distraction.

Set up your mac to be a vibe machine

I suggest downloading your music for higher productivity.

Why download instead of listening to Spotify/Youtube? No ads, no waiting for the video to load, no flashy visuals to distract you, one less tab open, and all your music is always ready to go with one click of a playlist.

Download VLC. iTunes is a disaster so don’t use it.

Install youtube-dl:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL";
brew install youtube-dl;

Use youtube-dl to get some great tunes:

cd ~/Desktop;
mkdir bootleg;
cd bootleg;
youtube-dl -f best -x;

Now open VLC. Drag your new music files into VLC. Press Command+S to save a new playlist. Press Command+Z to set playlist to random. Now open VSCode and get to work!!!

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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