Keeping your image size small is critical to reducing your website bounce rate

The reason why is simple: big images slow your website down dramatically. Video is even worse!

Everybody loves a good website and hates the piss out of a slow one. Why not make your images small so ppl don’t hate on your great site? My first step in this process was a quick search on DDG: Minimizing image size github. Github is going to provide high quality free tools that are flexible to work with from the terminal. Trust me, using utilities can be a huge win over proprietary software or plugins on your wordpress site.

Turns out I should be using a plugin after all (haha!)

And the reason why is because it will be fast and efficient as I upload new posts to my website, and that can be more convenient that a terminal utility.

It’s easy to tell this tool is popular: almost a million downloads, extremely high rating, and it’s getting regular updates. I’ll have to give it a try, and you should too on your WordPress website where you talk about cats and DND 🙂

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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