Downloading some great art for your mac screensaver will impress your friends

Not surprisingly, we’ll use some open source script or tool to make our work easier.

For google images, we’ll use this github repo.

Open your trusty terminal, and run the following commands:

cd ~/Desktop;
sudo easy_install pip;
sudo pip install urllib3;
git clone;
cd google-images-download && sudo python install;
cd ~/Desktop;
mkdir img;
cd img;

They really have a lot of great download options so check that out. In my case I’m satisfied with:

googleimagesdownload --keywords "music festival posters" --size large

And since I love Burning Man and Rainbow and Dubstep i’ll do a few more for a nice selection to add to screensaver.

googleimagesdownload –keywords “dubstep festival posters” –size large

googleimagesdownload –keywords “rainbow gathering festival” –size large

googleimagesdownload –keywords “burning man posters” –size large

I recommend creating a new folder on your Desktop called screensaver, and moving all the new images you downloaded to that folder.

Next, open System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver and choose ‘Vintage Prints’, ‘Classic’, or one of the other photo screen saver options. Then in Source, choose a folder with all the photos.

I personally like setting my upper right corner as the hot corner to start screensaver. (The option to do this is found in System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Hot Corners

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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