Apps to set your mac up perfectly for coding and writing

Minimalism leads to a perfectly running macbook air: no glitches, no overheating, turns off quickly, boots up fast, runs flawlessly. One way to keep track of app resource usage is through Activity Montior. If anything is using excessive energy, it’s wise to remove it. Don’t overload your mba needlessly. Only download the essential apps and avoid third party cruft and malware.

Coding apps:

  • Visual Studio Code – great for coding and text wrangling. Plugins make it versatile.
  • iTerm – best terminal for mac. Use iTerm preferences to make it show/hide on a hotkey.

General use apps:

  • Slack – team communication
  • Brew – a package manager for utilities such as ffmpeg and youtube-dl. Maintains downloads so you don’t have to keep track of individually downloaded utilities. This is important to keep extraneous files from filling up your hard drive.
  • VLC – media player that just works and doesn’t suck like iTunes
  • Quicktime – Screen, video, and audio recording.
  • Ledger Live – manage your hard money.
  • ripme – Very good at acquiring images and whatnot from reddit, etc.
  • OpenEmu – emulate a few of those old playstation/n64/gameboy/nintendo/sega games you loved as a kid.
  • Audacity – Free high quality audio file manipulation.

Writing apps:

  • Pages – I like that pages is built in and mostly works glitch free.
  • Mou is acceptable for Markdown.

Productivity apps:

  • Moom – resize, move, zoom any window on a hotkey
  • Little Snitch – Monitor network traffic for suspicious activity
  • Google Chrome – I find Safari fails to run certain websites (Coinbase for example)

Last updated: December 28, 2019


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