Getting the perfect backpack will make your Macbook last years longer

IBM recently announced Macs make their workforce happier and more productive.

As EODisFUN in the comments on Slashdot put it:

Leaving aside Windows vs MacOS for a moment, this is bound to happen simply because of hardware. Windows environments are always a wasteland of incompatible drivers and incomplete patching.


Go check out the Slashdot article if you want. The comments are pretty amusing. But what it boils down to is that a Mac excels as a work computer. Minimalistic design and ‘it just works’ still sorta means something when talking about a Mac. But whether you believe the hype, ask yourself if a Mac makes you more productive. In my case, it is a resounding yes.

When my 10 year old MBP had too many glitches to count, I caved and got a black friday deal on a new Macbook Air. It was only then I discovered a lighter computer improves my computing experience, as I will be able to use it more casually and in more physically restictive spaces. It makes a laptop more akin to what using a phone is like.

Why buy new? Older electronics are a dangerous risk, both in the time purchasing it, setting it up, but also replacing it if it just isn’t good enough or has too many glitches.

This is why you just buy a new computer. But to protect your investment it’s necessary to buy a case and a sleeve. The case will protect against the inevitability of falls and accidental impacts.

Any old case and sleeve will do, but your backpack needs to be special. It must protect your laptop from heavy water bottles in the side pockets. It must have a laptop pocket insulated from rain. And the laptop must sit in the backpack in such a way that a minimum of weight or pressure from other items in your backpack apply to the laptop. And it must be good at all the other backpack-y things, weight distribution, size, versatility, etc.

The North Face Borealis is an effective backpack in this regard. The inside pouch has a hard backside that extends lower than how far the laptop goes down. Because of this the laptop isn’t affected by dropping the backpack on the ground. And since the laptop has a good compartment, as long as the backpack is kept vertically upright, no weight or pressure from a heavy backpack lays on the laptop.

A neoprene case is a necessity to go with the backpack to protect against rain. Neoprene repels rain.

TL;DR: some backpacks won’t protect your investment and unnecessarily put pressure on your laptop.

Last updated: December 30, 2019


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