Download movies from movie websites without knowing how to code

The first place to try downloading movies should be from the classic website, watchcartoonsonline. It’s domain changes frequently, but one thing remains the same: right click to download. It couldn’t be simpler.

play the video
wait for it to actually load
Right click, and “Save Video As…”

But once you want actual movies, you’re going to have to use more advanced techniques. You don’t need any fancy utilities or code from Github. You don’t even need youtube-dl. But yeah, that’s pretty sweet for youtube and many other websites. Like downloading music from youtube? Best get used to writing in Iterm2:

youtube-dl -f best -x

BTW, this tutorial uses Chrome on a mac, but it’s a nearly identical process for Windows or Safari or whatever. Now, let’s get started.

Midlevel power user movie DL guide:

Search DDG for The Great Escape Putlocker and a bunch of websites will pop up. Now what you have to do is try them all until you find one that doesn’t use blob files, which you can still download but are more annoying. This version of putlocker doesn’t use blobs, for example.

Load the website (probs gonna want adblock installed b/c movie website have lots of ads). Find a movie you want to download.

Click play to start the movie

Start the movie (and close new ad tabs if they open).

We’re now going to acquire the direct movie link to download it directly. Open inspect element by pressing Super+shift+C in Chrome (OR go to the menu bar and under help you can type in developer tools, then you’ll want to click the mouse on a white pad in the upper left on the console tools as seen in the picture below).

Wait until the movie starts playing

This tool will allow you to find exactly where in the HTML the movie file link is located. Sometimes you’ll have to delete a couple of fake html pieces covering up the movie. No big deal, just use the inspector tool to find an HTML fragment, press delete to delete it, and repeat until eventually the iframe containing the actual URL will surface.

Now keep using the inspector tool until you find the <video HTML tag

Notice the HTML fragment starts with <video, that should be a dead giveaway. Right click that link, and choose open in new tab. If the link itself started with blob: then you can’t use this post’s method to download the movie. Try a different website if that happens until you find one with a regular URL.

Maybe i’m superstitious, but I think it’s best to let the movie keep playing in the original tab while your copy is downloading. Otherwise download speeds seem to suffer. If the movie stops downloading, just click resume, usually that jumpstarts the download rate.

Now, regarding blob files, blob files are more annoying to download. Personally I avoid them if possible, but if you really want to download blobs leave a comment and I’ll put together a post to show you how to download those.

Last updated: December 25, 2019


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