Free two player video games for busy people on the go who only have a mac

I think most gamers wouldn’t even consider a mac a viable gaming option, but I believe there’s more there than meets the eye. With the rise of ROM’s, game consoles such as Playstation, Sega, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii are all playable. All these and more are possible with only […]

Keeping your image size small is critical to reducing your website bounce rate

The reason why is simple: big images slow your website down dramatically. Video is even worse! Everybody loves a good website and hates the piss out of a slow one. Why not make your images small so ppl don’t hate on your great site? My first step in this process was a quick search on […]

Downloading some great art for your mac screensaver will impress your friends

Not surprisingly, we’ll use some open source script or tool to make our work easier. For google images, we’ll use this github repo. Open your trusty terminal, and run the following commands: They really have a lot of great download options so check that out. In my case I’m satisfied with: And since I love […]

My friend is a better coder than me, is he smarter?

Dear Internet, I used to think I was pretty smart and then I discovered coding. I got better as I practiced but I noticed other people were so much better than me. One friend in particular has no right to be so good but he can understand an API and write a working draft in […]

Download movies from movie websites without knowing how to code

The first place to try downloading movies should be from the classic website, watchcartoonsonline. It’s domain changes frequently, but one thing remains the same: right click to download. It couldn’t be simpler. But once you want actual movies, you’re going to have to use more advanced techniques. You don’t need any fancy utilities or code […]

Leaving things plugged into the USB on your mac indefinitely is a bad idea and may break the port

When your USB stops working you’ll notice how much that sucks. Before that, you’ll plug in whatever, not thinking about it. And then it dies! Actually it probably doesn’t matter if you leave your mouse USB plugged in forever. But it does matter if you overuse your USB slot with some high powered music gear […]