The correct way to use Youtube is with Queues

The correct way to use Youtube is with Queues

An amazing thing happens when you use queues. Suddenly you can cruise through videos without the video currently playing stopping. Most people don’t know about queues, it’s just a little button sitting on every video on youtube. There’s two buttons, watch later and add to queue. Both buttons are useful, wath later will add it […]

The differences between a dirty weed high and a clean weed high

If you value your time, the difference is that with one you can get shit done. A stoner with a clean high can stay at home all day fiddling with projects for hours at a time, only taking breaks to eat some weed, smoke some food, drink some air, and breathe some drinks. Did I […]

Free two player video games for busy people on the go who only have a mac

I think most gamers wouldn’t even consider a mac a viable gaming option, but I believe there’s more there than meets the eye. With the rise of ROM’s, game consoles such as Playstation, Sega, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii are all playable. All these and more are possible with only […]